For Sellers

"We're thinking of selling - how can you help?"

You certainly have a sea of choice when it comes to picking a Realtor®. So many names and so many promises – how do you choose? Let’s be honest, most Realtors® (or their assistants) do pretty much the same things when it comes to getting your house on the market: erect signs; prepare ads; post to MLS; arrange photography; set-up a marketing plan; etc. So what’s the difference? Me! Bigger does not mean better - you will never be just a number or a transaction. I am YOUR Agent and rely on no-one else to provide my Rockstar service. For me, it’s all about the people and getting  clients where they need to go. My background in advertising sales gives me a leg-up; my online and social media promotion is exceptional and essential in today’s wider market. No other Agent is more committed to you – guaranteed.  Get Rockstar performance and get it Sold!

"How do we get the house ready to sell?"

Once you have made the decision to sell, you need to think about the buyer - they hold the key to your next chapter and there are many ways you can help make that happen. Whether you are a bit of a hoarder or live minimally, there are three main 'D's to remember:

1) Disassociate. Once you have mentally committed to move, it's best to emotionally distance yourself from your home. Here's where you need to be a bit Dr Spock about your decisions - analytical,logical and calculated - for the smoothest, most pain-free move possible. Don't take my staging suggestions personally - I just want to get you moving!

2) De-personalise. Potential buyers need to be able to envision themselves in the house and this will be much easier to do without a parade of photographs, trophies, certificates and other personal memorabilia. Make the house less about you and more about them.

3) Declutter. Here's your opportunity to cut the crap! Surprisingly few items are necessary for a house to appear lived-in so start selling, donating and packing. Be ruthless! Pack all the personal items and extra furniture you're keeping into storage. We need to show SPACE and LIGHT and that includes as many square feet of countertops, windows and floor as possible.

After the D's come the big C - CLEAN! Clean like there's no tomorrow from top to bottom. There are plenty of great professional people who will make your place shine and I always suggest hiring a service - unless cleaning is one of your therapeutic joys, you'll have plenty of other items to keep you busy.

I have a great checklist for preparing to sell that I'd be happy to send you. Just drop me an email.