About Me

realtor in parksville

Who am I?

Canadian via Britain, with a stint in California and Oregon. Moved from the mainland to Vancouver Island a decade ago for less traffic and more play. Loves exploring by boat, camper or Harley, with winter escapes to Costa Rica. Mad for Farmers Markets, a dry martini and wood-fired ovens. Prone to spontaneous air-guitar at parties.


Career life  includes: Advertising, Marketing and Sales while also a long-time owner/partner of an award-winning construction company. Buys ugly and neglected houses to conduct CPR (constructive planned renovation). Managed all-male household producing strong and kind feminist millennials.


After 30 years resistance, became a Realtor to make a difference. Works in sync with clients who want some independence and value transparent, no BS service. Rockstar performance includes advice on construction, design service and modern marketing. Tech-y too, so easily handles long distance clients or those chained to their devices. Staunchly committed to clients who value loyalty. Does not play well with mean people.